onsdag 21 maj 2014

Essay writing

2 I think that Doctor Merrick started the facility because ha all the money from the famous and rich people. I don’t think that he is evil or mean I just think that he invited a way too make money fast and easy and went with it. The way that they produce and farm the clones are horrible but we humans do that to animals. It’s still a bad thing and all but they have no feelings. The Island are saying that human cloning is a bad thing and that Merrick is a evil person. I don’t think he is evil and I think that human cloning is not that bad. Because they have a great life until they ’’win the lottery’’. I am not supriced at all that that they paint the bad guy as evil and a horrible human. 

4 When Jordan says that they are the island I think that she means that we humans worry about dying instead of living life and having fun. Religion tells us not to worry about afterlife and that they are gonna get to the afterlife if they are just nice to other people. Jordan may also mean that life is great and they don’t need a afterlife because the fact that they are living now is incredible. 

1 The film brings up a lot of questions and answers but do not answer all of them. It makes you question life and what we do to animals today. The main themes in the movie are romance and action. Its more about the relationship between Jordan and Lincoln then clones and why they exist. It could better if they didn’t focus so much on Jordan and Lincon and more about the clones and cloning. 

3 The film are saying that the clones lives are valuable and that they are almost the same as humans. Doctor Merrick thinks that that they are like vegetables. It’s allot of violence against the clones and this is because everybody sees them as none human. The movie point out Merrick for being evil when he is not that evil he just want money. 

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