onsdag 12 februari 2014

DL CC - Night time

Discussion Leader
1 What kind of feelings did Christopher had for the dog?
2 Was it the polis fault that he hit him?
3 Was this all a big misunderstanding?
4 Why didn’t he call the police when he saw the dead poodle?
5 Why does he like dogs?

Creative Connector 

I think that this story tells us that everybody is stressed and wants things fast. When the police asked Christopher about the dog and he put his forehead on the ground and took his hands and covered his ears and just wanted to go to a simpler place. He did have the mental decease Aspergers syndrome. What I think that the writer is telling us is that its sometimes stressful and that you have to take calm down. I’ve never had such a traumatising experience like Christopher had, but I do think that I can relate to Christopher and his situation. Like I mentioned earlier just take some steps back and calm down. 

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