torsdag 27 februari 2014

Word Work

5 Synonyms
Giggle - Laugh 
Reply - Answer
Yell - Scream
Gentle - Careful

Polite - Nice

5 Explanations/descriptions
Overtake - When you take over something. Done mostly in a forceful way.
Porch - The front of your house, its like a little step and then its the front door. You can have a porch in the back of the house to.
Hug - When you strap your arms around somebody and hold on.
Curious - When you like to discover things and you are interested in the new places.
Snatch - Taking something quickly from somebody. When you do this people will think that you are a thief.

5 Sentences
I’m not in the mood for potato salad. 
I fear vegetables.
I touched your forehead. 
We got an hi action speed chase going on here.
The ice is melting.

5 Opposites 
Evil - Nice
Choke - Breathe
Survive - Die
Spare - Waste
Ceiling - Floor 

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