onsdag 8 oktober 2014

1990nånting - Music to me

’’1990 nånting’’ is the name of the song.

It was recorded in 2002.
The song is sung by Afasi, Filthy and Snook.

The text is about them having fun when they where little and things that most young people do and thats why it is easy to relate to. It’s kind of nostalgic in the way that it was really great before. The feeling I get when this song comes on is great. It’s that laid back feeling and it fits in in every situation because it can be motivational to do things while it can also be just something you put on when you are tired. I have no special memories to this song. It’s only a flashback from the summer and things I did as a little kid. Even though I found the song after the summer I relate things to this song that happened before I found it. I like laid back songs that’s great everywhere. It is a feel good song. 

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