onsdag 29 januari 2014

Gift Engelska S

The main character has no name so let’s call her Tracy. Tracy is azungo - a white person and she is 15. Tracy lives in Africa with her parents. She goes to school there. Sometimes she forgets that she’s white. Every girl in Tracy's school likes this guy Gift who is a really fast runner. Tracy even has a bit of a crush on him even though he is two years older then her. One day Gift asked her if she wanted to go to his house over the holidays. Tracy was shocked! She couldn’t believe that Gift asked her. Her? Of all the girls in the class he picked her? She asked her mother if it was ok. It’s a long way to Gifts house so they have to take the buss. Gift has 3 sisters and they share the same bedroom with Tracy. They looked at Tracy like she is a freak show. She has a hard time to sleep and she thinks that she shouldn’t come here, that it is a mistake.

Next day she spends some time with Gift. They went to a Indian shop. There is a girl there in Tracy’s age. Her name is Sunni. Gift introduced her to Tracy. He said that Sunni is his future bride. They got pushed in a back room. Sunni’s mom said that Tracy would be Gifts chaperone. Tracy feel like if she was in a trance in the dark back room. Gift and Sunni went in to another room. Tracy can see the shadows of them kissing. She realized that she has to go through this nightmare. It was going to be herself, Gift and Sunni for the upcoming days. Tracy is really annoyed with them. They share drinks together, whisper together, giggle and kiss. They have a romantic relationship while Tracy is tagging along as the third wheel. Tracy was a fool, she didn’t understand, she didn’t want to understand. It was heartbreaking news.

After the holidays Tracy is back in school and she says to her friend Gracie ’‘Was Gift going to get married?’’. Gracie responded ’‘Yeah when he is 18. She is a muslim like Gift. When they were children they were promised to each other. The family had a arrangement. I thought that you knew. Everybody knows even your mother.’’ Tracy blames herself for going. She thought that she knew Africa but she didn’t know anything. Tracy still doesn't know why Gift invited her to his village. She was confused. Did he like her? Tracy will get over Gift of course she will. Gift isn’t the only guy she has feelings for. She is even going to the school dance with one. Tracy is still a bit traumatized but she will make it.

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